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People Data Labs is great! (if you like
paying a premium for stale data

Proxycurl is a robust alternative to People Data Labs that is 95.7% cheaper, with fresher data, that is much easier to use.

Write RegEx instead of ElasticSearch queries

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Real-time scraping
reading off PDL's profile database

Proxycurl's data are no older 29 days. With the right API parameters, Proxycurl offers a data freshness guarantee of 29 days. In fact, some data are fetched in real-time.

PDL Third illustration See Data Freshness Guarantee

Use RegEx instead of Elastic Queries in your Search requests

Do you enjoy writing ElasticSearch queries within a REST API request? Because that is what People Data Labs makes you do with their Search APIs. Proxycurl's Search API simplifies searches with regex search parameters - and usually you can input plaintext strings.

To search for people living in mexico

PDL's query:

  "bool": {
    "must": [
      {"term": {"location_country": "mexico"}},

To search for people living in mexico

Proxycurl's query:


Pay as you go

No need to commit to a subscription on Proxycurl like you are forced to on People Data Labs. Proxycurl offers pay-as-you-go options where credits don't expire.

95.7% cheaper

Proxycurl is by no means a budget vendor but we did not raise $55.3M so do not need to charge exhorbitantly to justify a valuation raised during the market madness of 2021.

1000 Person Enrichment API calls 1000 results from People Search
People Data Labs $280 $280 (on $299/mo plan)
Proxycurl $12 (on $299/mo plan) $36.42 (on $299/mo plan)
See Proxycurl's Pricing Page

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We use our own product ourselves to ensure quality. Proxycurl is a bootstrapped, multi-million ARR startup. Find out how you can do it for your growth stage startup by sending us an email today.

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