Review of Proxycurl VS Coresignal - Ultimate Comparison
Review of Proxycurl VS Coresignal - Ultimate Comparison

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Coresignal Full Review - Comparisons, Features, Pricing

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Proxycurl Coresignal
Scrapes LinkedIn profiles live and returns data in <3 seconds "Real-time" API does not return data immediately
Core business is in API enrichment Core business is in providing data
Fresh data no older than 29 days Stale data (3-4 months old, based on customer's report)
Has a smaller dataset Has a dataset that is bigger and richer
$130,000 for US Profile Dataset (based on customer's report)
$160,000 for Global Profile Dataset (based on customer's report)
From $9 for 1000 Profiles via API (depends on subscription plan) $? for 1000 Profiles via API
17M Company profiles 91M Company Profiles
Does not have hisotrical job dataset Has historical job postings datasets
Has contact data Does not have contact data

Update - On 27th October 2022, Coresignal sent us a Ceast and Desist letter with a demand to take this post down. Read on to find out what they are trying to get taken down.

I will preface this comparison article by saying that I am the CEO of Proxycurl, and I know of Coresignal from my interaction with our customers who were comparing CoreSignal and us. This is a summary of my findings, which might lean towards being biased, so take heed of that as you conclude.

By visiting the websites of both services, you can tell what the most significant difference between Coresignal and Proxycurl is with the target audience

Coresignal pushes you, the customer, to contact their sales staff. Proxycurl pushes you, the developer, to get their API key and test their product out immediately.
From the get-go, it is reasonable to conclude that Coresignal is an Enterprise product, whereas Proxycurl is a development tool intended for software engineers to self-onboard.

And there is more...

LinkedIn Scraping VS LinkedIn Datasets

Comparison of Core Products - Scraping vs Datasets

The next difference between Coresignal is in the core products that we serve. When I refer to Coresignal's landing page, it is easy to infer that CoreSignal's core product is their bulk datasets.

Proxycurl offers an enrichment API for businesses and professionals.

As far as I know, Coresignal's real-time API does not scrape LinkedIn profiles and return the relevant data in real-time.

Proxycurl API scrapes fresh LinkedIn profiles in real-time. In addition, Proxycurl offers a data freshness guarantee.

Proxycurl Coresignal
Scrapes LinkedIn profiles live and returns data in <3 seconds "Real-time" API does not return data immediately

Data Freshness

Comparison of Data Freshness

I am not confident of this -- but based on my calls with our customers switching over from Coresignal, Coresignal's data is at best 3-4 months old. Usually older.

Proxycurl offers data no older than 29 days. See Proxycurl's freshness guarantee here.

Data Size and Richness

Comparison of Data Size and Richness

Coresignal wins on both sizes of dataset and richness. It is so because Coresignal's product aggregates data from a more significant number of sources (20) relative to Proxycurl (4).
This is immediately obvious when you look at the numbers that Coresignal boasts. For example, Coresignal's landing page cites that they have 91M company profiles. In contrast, Proxycurl has 17M company profiles.
Vastness aside, Coresignal also has more datasets. For example, Coresignal has a Job postings dataset that Proxycurl does not have.
However, Proxycurl does not have data as rich as Coresignal. It does have one thing that Coresignal does not have: contact information of people profiles.

Proxycurl Coresignal
17M Company profiles 91M Company Profiles
Does not have job dataset Has job postings datasets
Has contact data Does not have contact data


Comparison of Pricing

Proxycurl and Coresignal have two competing products.

  1. Datasets (Proxycurl datasets are known as LinkDB Snapshots.)
  2. API

Dataset Pricing

I am not 100% certain about Coresignal's pricing but here is what a customer said and I quote in verbatim:

Hello Steven,
I'm back to revisiting this (sorry for the delay). It's down to you and Coresignal. Coresignal has similar data. They're more expensive if we just use US (about $130k for the first year assuming monthly updates compared to your [xx] or so), but they are much cheaper if we buy the global dataset (about $160k for the first year). I never got firm pricing on the global dataset, so let me know how close you can get to Coresignal.

So, based on the email anecdote, I garner that Coresignal quoted US$130K / year for datasets, including updates for their US profile dataset for this customer.

As for the global people dataset, Coresignal charges US$160K / year including updates.

The customer picked Proxycurl's LinkDB over Coresignal's datasets due to pricing and freshness reasons.

API Pricing

Proxycurl is priced at one credit ($0.009 onwards) for most endpoints for our API. Or 1000 profiles for $9 on our largest subscription plan. I have no idea what Coresignal charges for their API.

Proxycurl Coresignal
$130,000 for US Profile Dataset
$160,000 for Global Profile Dataset
From $9 for 1000 Profiles via API $? for 1000 Profiles via API

Proxycurl API VS Coresignal

Comparison Verdict - Proxycurl VS CoreSignal

CoreSignal has reached out claiming following statements to be misleading:

  • “Does not scrape LinkedIn profiles live. Real-time API reads their database"
  •  “Stale data (3-4 months)”

This is what a customer who converted to Proxycurl said:

Understood we use a provider (Coresignal) currently and will likely change off once our contract with them is over. We're currently spending around 100k per year but are getting quarterly world wide updates. The reason I reached out was that your API is fantastic. Ill reach out again as we get closer to the subscription end date.

I'd say you should do your own due dilligence. Coresignal is great if you are price insensitive and am fine with stale data.

Proxycurl is great if freshness is what you need for quality data enriched with contact information.

If you need a second opinion about any quotation you are getting from CoreSignal, I will be happy to jump on a call with you to see what you have. We have a lot of CoreSignal converts who jumped over to us when they realise they can get a better deal with fresher data at Proxycurl.

Just send us an email to [email protected]!

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