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Get work email addresses of Linkedin Profiles programmatically

Proxycurl's Email Lookup API lets you retrieve 1M work email address that are verified and do not bounce

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We guarantee a 95+% deliverability or your money back

How it works

Call the API

Developer makes a request to our API with the user's Linkedin Profile Endpoint

Do work to retrieve verified address

Our system will process the profile to retrieve the work email address and verify it's deliverability status


Poll our API for results

After processing, developer can make poll the API anytime within the next 24 hours to retrieve email address

Webhook notification

Our system will call your webhook to notify you the result

Verified emails

95+% Deliverability or your money back

Every email is validated to be deliverable in real-time

No spam traps

No role-based emails

email deliver illustration

Proxycurl Email Enrichment VS Clearbit Connect

Proxycurl Email Enrichment Clearbit Connect

API access


Yes (Requires Enterprise plan at 10+k / month)


Does not require any privacy permissions from you

Reads your Contacts to enrich Clearbit's email database

Enrichment success rate








US$ 0.01

per credit

10 credits per profile

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