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Power your sales and marketing automation product with Proxycurl

Build on top of Proxycurl with confidence. Since 2014, big banks, YC companies, and various growth-stage companies have leveraged Proxycurl to fetch fresh data on people and companies to power their sales and marketing automation products.

Identify decision makers

Find the right person to talk to within your target companies with Role Lookup API Endpoint.

Identify buy signals

Pull LinkedIn profiles periodically with our Person Profile Endpoint and be alerted when a decision maker joins a new company, or if a person is promoted into a decision-making position.

Launch Facebook Ads for B2B prospects

Augment LinkedIn ads with Facebook ads for B2B prospects. Facebook ads cost a fraction of LinkedIn ads.


Identify decision makers

We have two ways to uncover profiles of interest in target companies. On an individual company level, we have a Role Lookup API endpoint for which you can look up a profile of interest given a specific role. If you want to power a search engine within your product, we sell a complete dataset of all LinkedIn profiles to serve as an index for your people search engine.

For company-specific searches

For company-specific searches, the customer can use our Role Lookup Endpoint.

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For general searches

Purchase LinkDB snapshots to power your product's people search engine.

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Reach out

After finding the right people, you can reach out to them via:


with our Personal Contact Lookup Endpoint

See Personal Contact Number Lookup API

Work email

with our Work Email Lookup Endpoint

See Work Email Lookup API

Facebook Ads

With our Personal Email Lookup Endpoint


Identify buy signals

Track profiles to identify when they change jobs.

New CxO joins a company

A new CxO will often seek to shake things up with new purchases. It is a huge buy signal. Identify incoming CxOs by polling target companies with Role Lookup Endpoint.

CxO leaves a company

Learn when a CxO leaves so you can resell to his/her new company. Identify employment changes with profiles by polling target profiles with Person Profile Endpoint.

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