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Meet the Proxycurl team

Our team

Steven Goh illustration

Steven Goh


Bach Le illustration

Bach Le


Royyan Wijaya illustration

Royyan Wijaya

Graphic Designer

Ria Setiawati illustration

Ria Setiawati

Growth Hacker

Victor Manu illustration

Victor Manu

Software Engineer

Raefaldhi Amartya Junior illustration

Raefaldhi Amartya Junior

Software Engineer

Muhammad Yusril Sabir illustration

Muhammad Yusril Sabir

Software Engineer

Leo Feradero Nugraha illustration

Leo Feradero Nugraha

Software Engineer

Kelly Sim illustration

Kelly Sim

Administrative Assistant

Haris Wirabrata illustration

Haris Wirabrata

Software Engineer


Romadlon Rahmatulloh

Software Engineer

Suryo Adiguna illustration

Suryo Adiguna

Software Engineer

Bonita Almira illustration

Bonita Almira


Hammas Hamzah Kuddah illustration

Hammas Hamzah Kuddah

Software Engineer

Inna Nadhia Rahmatika illustration

Inna Nadhia Rahmatika


Aji Nurul Wandi illustration

Aji Nurul Wandi

Graphic Designer

Avid Santiko Adji illustration

Avid Santiko Adji

Software Engineer

Agapitus Keyka Vigiliant illustration

Agapitus Keyka Vigiliant

Software Engineer

Bayu Atma Wijaya illustration

Bayu Atma Wijaya


Barep Bimo Pangestu illustration

Barep Bimo Pangestu

Software Engineer