There is a certain power in owning things, particularly things that power the guts of your business's product. It is why we self-host GitLab, amongst a ton of other essential services.

A data company requires big data. Big data that you can own.

I am happy to share that LinkDB Snapshots are available for sale today.

You can purchase the current snapshot of LinkDB, our database of people and company profiles, for use in your application. To be very specific, LinkDB consists of:

  • 17M Company Profiles. See data format here.
  • 117M US People Profiles. See data format here
  • 1.7M Singapore People profiles. See data format here.

Yes, these data will continually be updated. And a lot more regions are always being added.

Buy this dataset

Are you looking to power your data-centric application with an exhaustive set of people/company data? Please send me an email at [email protected]! Talk soon!