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Since 2014

Since 2014

Nubela was first registered in Singapore in 2014.

Founded by Steven Goh, he made his first revenue from Go away MDA, a VPN for Chrome browser that activates with one-click.


Bootstrapped and profitable

Profitable since day zero. You can be assured that we are here to stay and not die to runway issues due to venture funding.

  • 2014


    An operating system on the Edge of the Cloud

  • 2017


    Sales automation with cold email campaigns

    This is when we learnt a lot about web crawling in scale and email validation

  • 2018


    Buy Bitcoin in shops

    The company was forked out as NuMoney Pte Ltd, and is now HQ-ed in Indonesia as LandX and managed by Andika Sutoro Putra in Jakarta as a real-estate micro exchange for consumers. We are no longer in the business of cryptocurrency. Company is

  • 2019


    Failed experiment on facial recognition on common CCTVs

  • 2020


    Failed experiment on community-led content sharing

  • 2016, NOW OUR FOCUS
    Proxycurl logo

    Proxycurl has always been a revenue generating product for us, and in 2020, we launched Proxycurl's Linkedin API so product teams do not need to manage a dedicated web scraping team to power their products with big data.

Headquartered in Singapore;
remote staff in Indonesia

Automating everything menial

Products that we built for ourselves