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Proxycurl API / use-case Story

Scraping LinkedIn profiles to monitor for job changes

The distinguishing feature of Lusha and UserGems Buy Signals product is that they are triggered when a LinkedIn member changes jobs. Companies such as UserGems and Lusha keep track of job changes on a large scale. One of the companies utilizes Proxycurl APIs to scrape newly-updated LinkedIn profiles, thereby enhancing their Buy Signals product.

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Search People and Companies with Proxycurl's Search API

Advanced searches for people and companies with RegEx

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Buy an exhaustive and fresh dataset of People or Company profiles

Power your data-driven application with a database of public LinkedIn Profiles.

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Stay compliant with Nubela's Proxycurl

We abide by strict standards of legal compliance in obtaining data.

On top of that, our security and compliance feature sets rigorous policies in place to safeguard data, uphold information security, and ensure our API is designed with a high bar of security and privacy in mind.

We are CCPA and GDPR compliant and in the process of being SOC 2 certified.

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