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Proxycurl API / use-case Story

Track and monitor LinkedIn profiles for job changes at scale

The distinguishing feature of Lusha and UserGems Buy Signals product is that they are triggered when a LinkedIn member changes jobs. Companies such as UserGems and Lusha keep track of job changes on a large scale. One of the companies utilizes Proxycurl APIs to scrape newly-updated LinkedIn profiles, thereby enhancing their Buy Signals product.

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Search People and Companies with Proxycurl's Search API

Advanced searches for people and companies with RegEx

Learn more about Search API
Search API / use-case Story

Prospected 14,420 senior marketing candidates for executive hiring

Proxycurl utilized its own Person Search API Endpoint to source for senior marketing candidates across the US, Canada, Singapore, and seven other countries, specifically targeting various growth and marketing-oriented roles in companies with a size of 10-100 employees. The result? A list of 7,209 potential candidates, with their personal emails obtained via the Personal Email Lookup Endpoint.

Following an outreach via cold emails, a Google Form detailing their work history and a video interview, Grace was hired for a senior marketing role, demonstrating Proxycurl's efficient executive talent search process using its own API endpoints.

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Buy an exhaustive and fresh dataset of People or Company profiles

Power your data-driven application with a database of public LinkedIn Profiles.

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LINKDB / use-case Story

Access B2B data to build sales intelligence applications

The companies Reply.io, Lusha, Apollo, and UpLead all feature prospectors that enable their customers to carry out detailed searches on potential clients. At least one of these companies is a paid user of Proxycurl's LinkDB. With LinkDB, these companies gain access to a comprehensive dataset of public LinkedIn profiles, providing them with the resources to build a robust prospector within their own applications.

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