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Get $241.04/mo for every software engineer you introduce to Proxycurl*

Build an income by promoting Proxycurl to fellow developers working in other companies. Our users spend an average of $803.48 on Proxycurl per month.

Including recurring subscriptions for two years
How it works

How much can I make?


You will get $2.410/mo in affiliate revenue from Proxycurl*

*$2.410 is not a guaranteed figure. This figure is based on a hypothetical 1% user conversion rate from 1000 audiences and historical user spend on Proxycurl products.


If you have the ability to reach at least 1000 software engineers


And convert 1% of the audience to Proxycurl

How does it work?

first step

Sign up on our affiliate form

second step

Within 1 business day, we will get back to you with a UTM Tag

third step

Link to any page on Proxycurl with the UTM tag

last step

You will be paid for 30% of all credit top up revenue via Proxycurl

Where to start promoting my UTM tag?

Blog Post

Community Forum


Direct Share


To prevent B2B customers from self-referring and getting a free 30% discount.

It means that users who signed up with a non-free email (business email).

You can but we will not be paying for it. For discounts for your company, check out our Enterprise plans.

We recommend using the Proxycurl platform and understanding how it works to feel more confident in recommending our products, but being a Proxycurl customer is not required to participate in the affiliate program. You can use our trial quota to explore with the Proxycurl API.

We welcome anyone who is interested in joining our affiliate program! To begin, simply fill out our form. There are no specific prerequisites for this program - as long as you are able to invite your network to join and use Proxycurl, you are eligible to participate. Our users are typically software engineers from various companies who need our API services, so having a background or knowledge in this field may be helpful.

Please contact us at [email protected] for more comprehensive information that you would like to inquire about.

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