The real world frustrates internet geeks. In the real world, everything seems so much harder. In the real world, the geeks have to put on clothes. The geeks have to go to work. The geeks actually have to make money and pay for things. Luckily the geeks these days are quite well paid because everyone else in the real world prefers the internet these days.

For a long time, malls have turned into a place to hang out over shopping. And retail shops have suffered as consumers learned that they could bypass the retail tax and get something cheaper on the internet. Why pay for someone's rent when you can pay for someone else's server bills, which are often significantly less expensive. And for years, the internet grew and became larger than life. Internet billionaires were minted as they figured how out to keep your eyes glued on the phone, even as you walk in the mall. Why waste money on large static billboards when you can flash pixels in loud colors on a tiny screen? It worked too well.

Then, these internet billionaires got greedy. They are not done taking your superficial attention. They want more! They want you, the customer who walked into a store shopping. If only there was a way to connect you, the walk-in customer in the retail store, and [email protected], your Amazon account.

To accomplish that, the internet needs eyes. Some call them CCTVs, we call them human traffic analytics cameras. Most retail stores have them. But you know which retail stores do not have them? Indie retail stores that are new and in search of a CCTV provider, and will prefer if it doesn't cost a bomb.

That's where we come in — cheap and reliable CCTV cameras with a free installation. If you are a new business, you will be stupid to say no our CCTV offering.

Anyways, this is the brief story of what happened today. We tweaked our product offering to something that our niche target will find it stupid to refuse. Cheap, competent CCTVs that will boost bottom-line sales. More to share soon.