I had lunch with my CEO friend, who runs Ubersnap. I'm helping him to take the business into Indonesia, and Ubersnap Indonesia is up against Holograil. Ubersnap researched and developed their Aura photo-booth in-house. While his competition has decided to buy a myriad of booths from China. Case in point: instantly is the most prominent photo booth company in Singapore. Go to their website and look at the range of services they provide.

A sales and marketing company

As a programmer and a product CEO, I keep falling into the trap of building products. 90% of the time, it is because it is fun and not because it is required. And that is the saddest fact. That what makes money is not something I find joy. And I guess building a company, or getting good at anything means that I have to do things that are not fun.

With that said, I am writing this post to remind myself that technology is all but (at most) 20% of the equation for success; and the real catalyst of success is sales and marketing.