If you failed an interview at Nubela, it is because you were unable to deliver a WIIFY. Our recent product Sapiengraph failed because we did not offer a strong WIIFY. Our product team is happy because we nailed the WIIFY for the technical crew.

WIIFY stands for: What is in it for you?

WIIFY for Customers?

Customers pay if and only if they see a clear and strong benefit for themselves. Before I make a request from our customer, I make sure that the WIIFY is strong.

For example, I am seeking to convert a customer's plan to a larger plan. But before I even start the conversation, I will be giving him a 10% increase in his existing package to thank him for being such a great long-term customer. Only then will I attempt the conversation for a larger package with us.


My best employees teach me something regularly. My average employees question me and balance my decision-making process with certain level-headedness. The people I let go eventually are staff who does not challenge me and executes on command.

Internally in the company, the WIIFY is strong conversely. I need to gain something from my team.

Business is WIIFY

Everything in the business world boils down to WIIFY. Everybody looks out for themselves ultimately. Everyone is serving a master. So remember the next time you send an email, think about WIIFY(our) customer.