In one of my sales outreach, I spoke to a customer who challenged me:

We use LinkedHelper and I'm an expert. So I'm not sure what your service would add.

Right off the bat, the user is very sales-savvy but not technically savvy because he knows what Proxycurl is. And that's my fault. I haven't told him! I got to find out more Over the subsequent few emails, as I quote:

I use Sales Navigator to make a filter a leads list. I use ZoomInfo to get their contact info. I contact them, either that way or via automation through LinkedHelper.

The customer employs a bottoms-up approach in scraping and filtering leads, processing them, and automating actions on LinkedIn. The bottom-up approach is slow and expensive per lead. The bottom-up approach is inefficient.

Proxycurl enables outbound campaigns from the other perspective. What if you have an entire database of prospects today without the need to scrape it?

  • Instead of going through page by page, pare down a dataset of 117M people to identify who your leads are. Now you have an exhaustive list of leads.
  • Process that list, say, 300,000 of them, into our Contact API, and
  • Get work emails (effective rate is 51+%), so that will yield you around 150k work emails.
  • Get personal emails (effective rate around 30+%), so that will yield you around 100k contacts.
  • Throw that CSV file of personal emails to LinkedIn and connect with everyone in bulk without the need for automation that might lead to your LinkedIn account being banned.
  • Throw that list of email addresses to Facebook and retarget the users with ads.

And Proxycurl can do that for you with:

  • LinkDB offers the immense power of a complete and accurate dataset of people.
  • Contact API will look up work emails, phone numbers, and personal emails for you.

I know that sales outreach with Proxycurl works well because that is how we are growing to 1MM ARR, with only one sales rep. Me. That said, you need a significant team of Account Executives to close deals because Proxycurl is how you scale up 1000% instead of 20% month over month.

Like any automated workflow on steroids, you will need a software engineer to employ Proxycurl into your workflow. Instead of dumbed-down user interfaces that is bottlenecked by your clicks.

So yes, the biggest drawback about Proxycurl is that you would need a software engineer.

Nevertheless, Proxycurl is the bold, top-down approach the best tech-driven startups employ to nail sales outreach at scale. Don't take my word for it, register an account today and try it!