This is my favorite question for people (over drinks).

I will like to think that the craziest act that you sought out willingly defines who you are as a person. And this is important to me because I seek rebels.

Rebels do whatever it takes to get to the destination

In a world of disruption, the default method prescribed by the society has a poor efficacy to expense ratio. For example, the effort to get an A+ in school is an order of magnitude higher to get an A.

The very same principle can be applied to everything in business.

With sales, cold calling works. But what if you can scrape ten thousand businesses, send out emails that are customized with automated followups.

With marketing, you can pay for ads for every click. Or you can submit a post bragging that you build something for porn for the viral effect.

Ingenuity demands out-of-the-box creativity, and that can only be found in rebels.

The destination matters

I on-boarded our sales staff recently, and it started with me providing guided steps so she can get her hands dirty. But now that she has warmed herself up to the sales process, everything changes again. Instead of sticking to a routine, she is now given a weekly target. The rule is that she should whatever it takes to achieve her weekly target.

I believe she is a rebel in her own way. Good for her, good for Nubela.