Warning, this is a technical post.

I have been busy in the past two days picking up Kubernetes and boy this new technology will need a third day for me to wrap my head around it. That said, this has been a productive year for me. In the past few months, I picked up Typescript, React (finally), Python's AsyncIO, and Python type annotations. I love learning.

My love for learning extends beyond programming. In my hey-days, when I could not afford UI designers, I would load up Photoshop and spend a week ripping off designs off Dribbble. The user interface was a routine precursor to every new project I would work on. Pixels were the design specifications for the code.

A good product manager designs something that he will use. A better product manager builds excellent products and develops a growth strategy within the product. For example, a license key was needed to unlock a freeware product I launched. The license key can be gotten if you got another friend to download the same app so you can unlock your copy.

I keep myself abreast of the latest technology in a multitude of skillsets, so I know what cool things can be built. This is why I was the first guy that launched an Android browser with Ad-Block before anyone else. This is why I released the first chrome extension that provides VPN-like bypass abilities.

I am not a scientist. I am a master lego builder.