For a few months now, Postgresql has been a performance bottleneck for us as we pushed past 1B rows of data. Today, we performed a smooth and uneventful migration to CockroachDB, which I hope will get us to 10B rows of data.

Along with this under-the-bonnet infrastructure upgrade, I am happy to share that the Email Lookup API Endpoint is now generally available. I tested it on an upcoming sales campaign that I am launching. And out of 5000+ Linkedin profiles, it found 50.02% verified work email addresses. That beats my earlier benchmark of around 40.18% by a good 10%. I'll be using it for our sales outreach campaign, and I hope you will too!

We are constantly iterating, looking to get better at improving our API endpoints. One common complaint that I hear many is that our Person Profile General Resolution Endpoint is inconsistent. Sometimes it returns null, and sometimes it returns something valid. We have studied the issue and pushed out an update that should resolve its consistency issue for the most part. Some performance issues are bugs or development shortfalls. Some problems require a rework, and in this case, the rework works better at an increased cost. This is why we have increased the cost of the resolution endpoints for both people and company to 3 credits/request.

Next up: Funding and revenue enrichment for companies.

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Steven Goh,

The Lazy CEO.