We are updating our pricing.
We are updating our pricing.

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We are updating our pricing

Steven Goh

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In early 2024, we've implemented further updates to our pricing plans, notably the introduction of Annual Plans - which have cheaper and more credits.
Check it out here.

We have been around since 2014, and we are here to stay. And staying around means investing in compliance and our data infrastructure. But, most importantly, we need to have unit economics that makes sense.

We are updating our pricing model, and these are the following changes:

  • Jobs API (Job Listing Endpoint and Job Profile Endpoint) will change from 1 credit to 2 credits per API call. (This new pricing goes live today)
  • The use-cache=if-recent parameter will cost an extra credit on top of the base credit cost. That means if you are calling the Person Profile or Company Profile endpoints with this parameter only, then the total cost will go up from 1 credit to 2 credits. (This new pricing model will come sometime later this year).
  • We will introduce a tiered pricing system for credits. We will retain the pay-as-you-go model but with lower pricing for monthly subscription plans. The pricing table can be found below. (This new pricing model will come sometime later this year).
  • If you are on our Enterprise plan, your account will be grandfathered into the older credit costs until your contract expires.

Monthly subscription plans

Total creditsMonthly cost
2500$49 (0.02/credit)
25000$299 (0.012/credit)
89900$899 (0.01/credit)
211000$1899 (0.009/credit)

Pay-as-you-go pricing plans

Total creditsOne-time cost
100$10 (0.10/credit)
1000$50 (0.05/credit)
4600$100 (0.022 / credit)
25000$500 (0.02 / credit)
56000$1000 (0.018 / credit)

Nobody likes price changes, myself included. I understand that we might lose a few customers to the price change, and I am sorry that I have to disappoint you with this price change. But, for the rest of you that are staying, I want you to know we're ready to continue kicking ass.

In the coming weeks, we are releasing a massive update to the dashboard with many quality of life improvements. For those who have asked me many times if we will implement search within LinkDB, yes, it is coming. And if you checked out our API Documentation in the last few weeks, you would also have noticed that we added a new API - the Reveal API. I will talk more about Reveal API in another email (Reveal API has been deprecated as of May 2023). Lastly, and one that I am very excited about, we will add B2B customer data into our API -- A builtwith.com with B2B customer data in place of technology stack data.

With that said, let me know if you have any questions. Send us an email at [email protected], and I'll always respond to you personally (for as long as I can).

Steven Goh.

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Steven Goh

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