We went live with V2 of our Linkedin People Profile API yesterday. V2 is an expansive update in two ways.

A lot more data

We heard your feedback, and we have upgraded our Linkedin Person Profile endpoint to return a whole lot more information. In this new update, these are the extra fields you will get:

  • Description of

    • work experiences
    • education history
  • Starting and ending dates in education history

  • Country, city, and state

  • Accomplishments (!)

    • Patents
    • Organizations
    • Publications
    • Honors and awards
    • Courses
    • Projects
    • Test scores
  • Volunteering work experiences

  • Skils

  • Certifications

The documentation is updated with the latest endpoint.

200 concurrent requests to 1000 concurrent requests

Two weeks ago, a customer crashed our server on a weekend because he sent 100 concurrent requests to speed up his crawls. I thank him for that because immediately we began focusing on scaling throughput.

I am happy to share that we rewrote some vital parts of Proxycurl application to support a high concurrency workload.

We have tested workloads of

  • crawling 200 Linkedin profiles concurrently
  • crawling 5000 non-Linkedin pages concurrently

And they have worked beautifully. Should the need arise, we can tune the upper limit again.

V2 has a new endpoint and is not backward compatible.

We version our endpoints when the upgrade is not backward compatible. In this upgrade of our Person Profile endpoint, we refactored our code and dropped backward compatibility.

The upgraded endpoint is /proxycurl/api/v2/linkedin. You will need to update your code to use this endpoint. We will also cease to support the older version.

Jobs is next

Last week, we launched Company profiles. This week, we improved the Person profile. Next week, I hope to launch Jobs endpoints.

Are you keen on the jobs endpoint? Send me an email to [email protected], and I'll make sure you are one of the first to be onboarded.