Use Proxycurl's APIs Within Google Sheets: Introducing Sapiengraph!
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Use Proxycurl's APIs Within Google Sheets: Introducing Sapiengraph!

Steven Goh

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Have you ever wanted to integrate Proxycurl's APIs into your spreadsheet data? Or maybe you don't code - you prefer working within Google Sheets using familiar formulas rather than writing Python scripts.

Introducing Sapiengraph: Proxycurl's new offering for B2B data directly inside Google Sheets!


To fill a Stripe's description into a cell, you can enter the following with the Company Profile Enrichment formula:


Individual formulas are provided for accessing attributes of children; for example, to fill the city of Stripe's first location, you can use the Company Locations formula:


To access their second location, you can add an index:


Compare to the following code with Proxycurl:

import os, requests

api_key = os.environ['PROXYCURL_API_KEY']
headers = {'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + api_key}

person_endpoint = ''
params = {
    'url': '',
response = requests.get(person_endpoint, params=params, headers=headers)

With Sapiengraph, you can only fetch one single data point at a time, but in exchange, the "code" to do so is significantly more concise, and you can integrate directly into Google Sheets. Take advantage of the autofill function and some formulas, and then you can retrieve all the data you might need.

This solution makes it possible for you to use the power of Proxycurl's API without any development experience at all. As a developer, you can empower non-technical people on your team to create reports without relying on you every time they need something changed. As a business leader, you yourself will be empowered to enrich data without needing to block your dev team from more production-critical features.


Sapiengraph is priced on a no-commitment, no-contract monthly subscription basis.

Lite Pro Pro+ Business
Pricing $49/mo $299/mo $899/mo $1899/mo
Credits 12,500/mo 125,000/mo 449,500/mo 1,055,000/mo
# Formula Uses Up to 12,500/mo* Up to 125,000/mo* Up to 449,500/mo* Up to 1,055,000/mo*

*Depending on the complexity of the formula, different formulas have different credit costs, starting at 1 credit per formula.

Need more credits than this? We also offer enterprise pricing - contact us at [email protected] for more information. We also offer a limited free trial offer of 100 credits. Log in now to get started.

Get started with Sapiengraph

Excited to start using Sapiengraph? Or maybe you want to see for yourself how it works? Sign up for an account now - you'll start with 100 credits for free. Enjoy!

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Steven Goh

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