I spent the entire year writing about 2019. On the second last day of the year, I have my eyes set on 2020. So, how will 2020 be different from 2020?

A culmination of habits

If you are expecting a radical change, there is none. Instead, I am hoping for a payoff in the interest accrued from the (positive) habits I tried cultivating in 2019.

In writing every day, I hope that efficiency and clarity in communicating tasks between our teams will drastically improve velocity in growth.

With an investment in tooling and an expansion in the product team, I am betting that on breakneck speeds in product iterations.

A reckoning beckons

The reckoning came for me when I saw ads in premium articles with my subscription to Straits Times Premium. It makes for no sense for me to see ads when I am paying $29 a month!

The internet is broken. Most content is walled up, tracking is pervasive, and phones are CIA's best spies. But the convenience is too intoxicating until it ceases to be.

That's what I think 2020 will be. A year by which the internet natives try to undo the web. And I am ready. Nubela is ready. Our entire team has been working in Q4 to accelerate the process.

2020 - Back to the future

I am cautiously optimistic about 2020 and what Nubela will bring. Happy new year, you :) Thank you for reading my bullshit for the entire year.