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Top 20 Best Lead Generation Companies 2023

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Every business will always have a need for lead generation. Lead generation is one primary strategy to hit your revenue target regularly. Apart from marketing your brand, your lead generation efforts also help you engage your customers with the right goods and services.

In this article, we’re going to find out what lead generation is, the need for lead generation, and its importance.

What is Lead Generation?

Before we delve into what lead generation is all about, let’s find out what a lead is.

A lead is an individual or business that may be interested in your goods and services. It may vary depending on the business or company, for some companies a lead is a contact already set to be a potential customer while others consider it to be any sales contact. Every lead is made up of data you have about them. For example, a primary lead can be a name, contact details, and the name, location, and job title of the company.

Now that we know what a lead is, let’s proceed to learn about lead generation, the need for lead generation, and its importance.

Lead generation is the process of searching for people who may be interested in your services and getting their contacts with the aim of converting them into customers. One way of doing this is by collecting data from your users via a form on your website with the intention to follow them up even after they’ve left your site.

Importance of Lead Generation

The process of converting a lead to a customer is very tedious, this is why lead generation is focused on filling in the sales funnel with quality leads. Lead generation helps you:

  • Target the right people
  • Market your brand
  • Get valuable data
  • Grow revenue

What is a Lead Generation Company?

Lead generation companies help businesses by delivering qualified leads directly to them. Most times these companies work in partnership with businesses or websites in which they advertise their goods and services.

A lead generation company gathers consumer and business data which can be sold to businesses in need of new leads. It organizes the data into different categories making it relevant to the target market.

Some of the services offered by lead generation companies include:

  • In house marketing
  • Database marketing
  • Database of businesses and professional information

Most times they gather leads by developing and optimizing websites to attract visitors in order to collect their data.

Lead generation companies specialize in creating personalized ads for your businesses. They do come up with precise targeting ads with inbound programs that’ll help and produce more opportunities.

Moreso, they nurture the leads and use other marketing strategies to obtain the data they need to identify the right leads. These leads are then stored in the database which will help step up this data and easily show leads who are willing to pay for their services.

The two major categories of lead generation companies are

  • B2C Lead Generation Companies offer help to individual customers.
  • B2B Lead Generation Companies provide service to Saas companies, firms, growth startups, and to many other businesses.

Types of Lead Generation

  • Inbound lead generation: a marketing strategy that involves attracting leads directly to your brand.
  • Outbound lead generation: involves the direct contact of prospects who may not know about your company either via email, phone, etc.

Ways of generating leads

  • Utilizing or buying existing Databases
  • Grabbing attention and communicating through Content marketing methods like newsletters, podcasts, social media posts, and videos.
  • Connecting to potential customers over the telephone or videoconferencing as a part of Telemarketing.
  • Utilizing Online networking channels to gain network.

Top 20 Lead Generation Companies

Below is the list of the top lead generation companies.

1. Proxycurl


Proxycurl is well-loved for its great APIs, enriching the data of people and companies with various valuable data points. They also offer a fresh and up-to-date database with over 401M profiles.


  • Very fresh and updated data.
  • Offers various data points including mobile no, personal and work emails


  • Simple fair price.
  • You get 10 credits for free.


$0.01/ credit

TLDR Verdict

Go for it if you value fresh and accurate profiles data to enrich your databases

Visit Proxycurl website.

2. CIENCE Technologies


Cience is a PaaS (People as a Service) company that works with B2B businesses to generate high-quality leads. They aim at testing different strategies
to help businesses in attracting customers and build long-term partnerships.


  • Offers outbound orchestration that helps in growing the pipelines
  • Accurate data of the targeted audience. Annual subscription with occasional discounts

TLDR Verdict

The best for orchestrated outbound

Visit Cience Technologies website.

3. Demandbase


DemandBase helps organize sales and marketing strategies with the primary aim of helping companies to provide omnichannel experiences
for their customers.


  • Provides Omnichannel experience for clients. Organizes sales and marketing initiatives
  • DemandBase has 4.3 out of 5 stars on the G2 crowd.


  • Identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities and potential churn risks
  • Contact for pricing

TLDR Verdict

Tracks and organizes every step of your buyer's journey

Visit DemandBase website.

4. Lusha

Lusha helps over 800,000 sales representatives across the world
enhance the way they engage and communicate with their potential customers as well as their current customers.


  • Helps over 800,000 sales representatives across the world enhance the way they engage and communicate with their prospects
  • 25% off Annual subscription

TLDR Verdict

Try it for a better customer experience

Visit Lusha website.

5. RocketReach

RocketReach lets its users search through their database of contacts based on some specifications in order to find contacts. They also offer a Chrome extension that generates contact information from websites you visit.


  • Offers a Chrome extension that can generate contact information from websites.
  • Offer friendly individual, team, and enterprise plans

TLDR Verdict

For accurate contact information, contact RocketReach "

Visit RocketReach website.

6. Digital Marketing Agency (DMA)

Digital Marketing Agency offers their users a bunch of services to manage their digital platforms. It manages websites, social media engagement, and business reputation.


  • Manages user's social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.
  • Automates marketing process by providing various marketing automation services.

TLDR Verdict

Highly recommended as it possesses several services to manage client's website

Visit Digital Marketing Agency website.

7. HubSpot

HubSpot offers a great lineup of sales enrichment features like lead capture and contact insight features. They’re well known for their CRM.


  • Offers great sales enrichment features like leads capture and contact insights
  • Offer eductional resources

TLDR Verdict

For sales enrichment features, contact HubSpot

Visit HubSpot website.

8. SalesPro Leads

SalesPro Leads is known for extracting qualified leads from various channels and helping its clients in setting appointments with these qualified leads. They also provide other services like lead nurturing, inquiry management, inside sales, event recruitment, etc.


  • Provides leads and helps in nurturing them. They also provide support for inquiry management
  • Helps in managing inbound enquiries coming from leads generated through campaigns or SEO.


  • Annual and monthly subscription

TLDR Verdict

best for deriving qualified leads through various channels

Visit SalesPro Leads website.

9. SalesAladin


SalesAladin is well known for handling appointment settings with high-quality MQLs and SQLs according to their clients' ICPs. They provide various sales growth solutions and marketing operations and deliver growth to businesses.


  • Offers B2B appointment setting, lead research, outsourced sales, etc.
  • Builds clients' website to engage prospects


Startups- $800 per month
SMB- $1200 per month
Enterprise- $2000 per month
Silver- $100 per month
Gold- $250 per month
Platinum- $500 per month

TLDR Verdict

Recommended for appointment setting with high-quality MQLs and SQLs according to the client’s ICPs.

Visit SalesAladin website.

10. Salesroad

SalesRoads provide various services for appointment setting and lead generation. They are well known for building stress-free sales pipelines coupled with phone-verified SQLs.


  • offers various services for appointment setting and lead generation
  • Provides sales-qualified leads that are phone verified and ready to purchase or invest

TLDR Verdict

Recommended for SQLs

Visit SalesRoads website.

11. Belkins

Belkins provides its users with the requirements to build lists of targeted
leads and set appointments with qualified leads. It’s recommended for its email deliverability fixing and appointment-setting features.


  • Provides requirements for building lists of targeted leads and everything needed in building a sales funnel
  • Provides experienced Sales Development Representatives (SDRs) and copywriters.

TLDR Verdict

Recommended for its email deliverability fixing features

Visit Belkins website.

12. LeadGeneration.com

LeadGeneration.com helps its users with planning strategies for putting potential clients in the sales funnel, refining qualified leads and repeating the process. They offer creative services like developing landing pages for resourceful content.


  • Offers their users services like SEO, email marketing, web development, etc.
  • Search engine optimization and social media marketing

TLDR Verdict

Provides a bundle of ways lead generation. Covers all features that other companies offer collectively.

Visit LeadGeneration.com website.

13. Terakeet

Terakeet uses special SEO strategies to ensure better ROI, low acquisition cost, and better brand and reputation management.


  • Offers better ROI and low acquisition costs and other valuable services to acquire or attract maximum organic traffic to the client’s website
  • Free blogs and strategic marketing guides

TLDR Verdict

Recommended for SEO strategies that help companies get maximum organic traffic on their websites

Visit Terakeet website.

14. Callbox

Callbox helps businesses grow faster through multiple channels by using email, webinars, social media, and websites. It is well known for its database and event management solutions.


  • Offers Outsourced B2B lead generation services and outbound sales support for businesses
  • Takes clients' business to global platform in the new territories

TLDR Verdict

For database and event management solutions, contact Callbox

Visit Callbox website.

15. Visitor Queue

Visitor queue provides its clients with visitors’ contact and social
media profile information. It offers various lead management services like lead classification, hiding and exporting of leads, lead archiving, etc.


  • Offers various lead management services like classifying leads, hiding of leads, exporting of leads, lead archiving, etc.
  • Provides all contact information of your website visitors


100 leads- $39 per month
300 leads- $79 per month
500 leads- $99 per month
1000 leads- $169 per month
2000 leads- $249 per month
For more than 2000 leads - contact for pricing

TLDR Verdict

Recommended for identifying website visitors and providing their contact information

Visit Visitor Queue website.

16. B2B Salesify

SalesifyHttps provides B2B lead generation and appointment setting that caters to SME, enterprise and technology companies across the world. They also offer their clients services from acquiring leads to converting them into customers.


  • Provide full-funnel solutions from acquiring leads to converting them into customers
  • Enriches the client with valuable leads data.

TLDR Verdict

Recommended for full-funnel solutions

Visit SalesifyHttps website.

17. TopSpot

TopSpot helps grow its clients' businesses by providing them with customized business strategies that deliver prequalified traffic, and increase online and offline leads


  • Provides its users with business strategies that deliver prequalified traffic

TLDR Verdict

Recommended for rapid business growth

Visit TopSpot website.

18. Pipedrive

Pipedrive provides its users with a Leadbooster add-on that can help capture high-quality leads through web forms, prospector tools, etc.


  • Provides add-ons for capturing high quality leads from live chat, web forms and prospective tools


  • 24/7 support for all timezones
  • $32.50 per month

TLDR Verdict

For high quality leads, contact Pipedrive"

Visit PipeDrive website.

19. OptinMonster

OptinMonster help businesses grow their customer base and revenue by providing them with powerful enterprise level technologies. They focus on email collection, and increasing website conversions through pop-ups.


  • Offers lead generation, email collection, and increasing website conversions through pop ups and help in business revenue growth


Annual subscriptions with regular discounts
Basic: $9 per month
Plus: $17.67 per month
Pro: $22.04 per month
Growth: $32.63 per month

TLDR Verdict

Known for positive effects on business revenue and base growth

Visit OptinMonster website.

20. RevBoss

RevBoss provides its users with accurate B2B contact information that is relevant to their needs. They help sales teams find prospects, build their sales pipeline and close more deals


  • helps sales teams find prospects, build their sales pipeline, and close more deals
  • Managed services and account based campaigns


  • $2,700 per month

TLDR Verdict

Accurate B2B contact information

Visit RevBoss website.


There are many solutions on how to get leads; you just need to find the lead generation companies that best suit you and your business.

We recommend starting with sourcing leads, you can run such lead-generation marketing campaigns at very little to no cost and get high-quality leads. But you can also use email finder tools.

Get started today and let Proxycurl help you source quality leads.

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