My brother is in Dublin, working for the DynamoDB product under Amazon AWS. Before Amazon, he worked for Skyscanner. My brother is quite an engineer with an attitude, and he loves working with smart people who speak their mind sans political correctness. I love that.

Then another friend recently jumped ship to a giant tech company. He speaks of the fantastic pay package, benefits, and of course, generous stock options that you can cash out today at Nasdaq.

And honestly, I am curious how life on the other side looks like. I am pretty sure working in a Big Corp will teach me something that will help me in my next venture. So if all else fails, I am sure the fallback will be comfortable.

The problem is that the last item on my bucket list is to build a great business. It is what I dreamt of doing since I was a teenager.

Which is why I am taking on bigger risks right now in my next experiment. Admittedly, capital for artificially injected growth is unavailable to me, but I have something that most other startups don't. I have a technical team with tremendous software prowess. Hosting is cheap. Software is cheap. And my product team moves ridiculously fast.

A short article today. But my point is, failing is a welcome choice, so I am going to shoot for the stars.