Some things cannot be rushed. I bought a few shrimps for my tank yesterday. And I have been drip acclimatizing them with water from their new home. But somehow, they are not grazing as they should.

Something must be wrong

So I took out the test kit that I have and began filling up the test tubes. I tried it two times, three times, but it seems like the gH (general hardness) parameter was impossibly high. The test tube is supposed to turn from orange to green. But it stayed neither orange nor green - just yellow.

Long story short, I convinced myself that the gH must be 0, so I dosed the tank with some supplements to boost the gH.

But a few moments before I began typing this draft, I googled it. Turns out that what I had was a test kit that has expired. I might have dosed it for nothing, and my shrimps which cost me close to $20 might turn to decomposing ammonia bits tomorrow morning.

I am too impatient.

I exported 700+ emails for cold emailing today

And then I spent the entire afternoon drafting this email template.

Hi {!first_name},
Are you available for a side project? I am reaching out given your experience at {!company_name} to work with us as an investor and/or advisor. I am building a huge database of people called Sapiengraph. Sapiengraph lets you can ask questions like: "which individual has been discussing a lot about ISIS?", and the results will be a stream of people. [Proxycurl](, which we own allows us to do this.
This is a huge (big PEOPLE data) market to dabble in. Are you in the space to explore a bet on a 200B market with a 5-min call?​
Your thoughts?

An entire afternoon for just 100 words.

With the thumping headache and the poor productivity, I left the office early hoping the night will redeem my day because it sucked.

I hate that I got so little (of substance) done.

So yes, some days suck. And on days like this, I have to go to bed reminding myself that some things take time.