With a clear and discrete objective for SharedHere of 66k views per day, I am working hard to achieve a 10% day on day growth on pageviews. The first week started fine, but as the week edged towards the end, I noticed that I was not able to keep the growth rate up with a day-to-day plan. And I will tell you why.

I started out sharing great content from SharedHere on Facebook Groups that I am already in. Easy and obvious since I was already in those groups, and I had content that people in those groups wanted to read. So I posted content there, got a few likes, and got click-throughs.

On the second day, I tried sharing in more groups because it worked well.

On the third day, oops, I ran out of new Facebook Groups to share with, so I had to join more groups. Some groups allowed me to join immediately for which I could post. But most (big) groups do not allow that.

Now, joining Facebook groups has become the bottleneck of reaching more people.

And I do not doubt that his method will lose its efficacy over time. I am vexed that I have not figured out the growth engine yet. I hope it comes soon.