What perks are we offering at Sapiengraph? Sapiengraph gives you the best possible quality camera, priced cheaply. There are also benefits such as cloud storage and retail analytics (which will be further elaborated on in this post).

Sapiengraph aims to provide retail analytics for those who consent to give out their information. Sometimes retailers in brick-and-mortar shops do not know what customers want to buy, and how to increase the conversion rate of customers offline. Sapiengraph is a tool that may help to bridge the gap between consumers and retailers and let retailers know what consumers would be interested in purchasing.

Although the CCTV has many functions, we will only be selling the product at $50! There are no setup fees.  The $50 is just a monthly recurring fee that will get the customer a lifetime of permanent video storage and retail analytics.

The Camera Quality

The following cameras to choose from are the best quality in the market.

Our cameras let you see your super clearly in bright light and complete darkness. We accomplish that with 1080p Full High Definition lenses and sensors.

We use the same camera platform as the ones used by Xiaomi and Wyze (a huge CCTV startup) - because the chipset and the industrial design of this camera are the best out there.

Technical specifications:

We Will Back Up Your CCTV Recordings - As Long As Your Business Lives

With cloud backups, there is no need for you to get a DVR (digital video recorder), which enhances security. A DVR processes video data directly in its recorder, and stores the video in a hard drive. With a DVR, robbers and thieves can steal or cause damage to the DVR, thereby hiding their tracks.

With the cloud, the footages are immediately uploaded to the cloud as the camera captures it, and hence your footage would not be lost so easily. Furthermore, the cloud is only accessible by people in the Sapiengraph team, with several protocols in place to ensure complete protection of your privacy and proper usage of your data. Such data will be passed on to you, should you request it. Such protection enables the security of each footage, and you can then safeguard your assets more effectively.

As a retailer, holding cash in cash registers is common.  You would need a sturdy CCTV system that can help safeguard the cash in the shop. You would want to be able to catch thieves in the act of stealing with them no possible method for the erasure of evidence. The Sapiengraph CCTV helps to protect your cash and your livelihood.

The cloud storage is also unlimited, and stores your CCTV recordings for two years or more, depending on your subscription.  Of course, if you do not wish to continue your subscription, we will delete all your CCTV footage from our cloud, to ensure your privacy.

Below, we have a table to compare self-built lifetime ownage CCTV prices and Sapiengraph’s prices.

Comparing both 1-year plans, you would be making 200-230 USD savings. However, differentiating between both 5-year plans, you would make more than 1000 USD in savings! Moreover, the prices quoted ($50/month) include retail analytics functions.

Do more with your CCTV - Every walk-in customer is now automatically a member of your brand.

As a member of your brand, you will get their personal information, which we will be able to use to help you launch analytics about your customers. Sapiengraph CCTV will be able to identify your customers as they walk into your shops, pull up the public social media profiles of them. Through the dashboard, you can glean their psychographic, demographic, and behavioral preferences from their behavior in the store and social media profile.

You would be able to use that information to infer why customers buy or do not buy certain products. Thereby, you will be able to make informed decisions regarding your products and your business as a whole.

The analytics are easily accessed and visualized on your dashboard, much like Google Analytics. It sorts out the data by the camera number (geographic region), real-time vs. past data, customer flow. The facial recognition function enables us to segment people depending on age group and gender, which also reflect on the dashboard. These customer’s social media accounts will also be available for you to see. You would be able to track your customers and daily, weekly, monthly. The dashboard data would also be downloadable into a report form for you to view offline.

The functions available are easy to use and are useful in yielding analytics results.

Sapiengraph will work together with you to understand what your customers want. We help you to reach your maximum profit potential at each stage in your business - one step at a time, for only $50/month.

To procure Sapiengraph CCTV, simply fill up our Google form.

If you have any queries about the Sapiengraph CCTV, call 9655 9294 or email [email protected] for more information.

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