There is a sense of permanent strength in CEOs as we stride into the office every day, and I never go to work without this facade of strength.

However, not every day is a bed of roses. Most days aren't. And when that tank of eternal optimism runs dangerously low, that facade you are holding up seems impossibly heavy.

Sure, there are days when I feel invincible. Such as when that blog post I wrote on a whim is trending. Or, when the product launch goes better than you expected. Or, when I sign on a major client.

But these days do not come often enough. And that is all right because the company function peacefully guided wilfully by the stubborn vision.

Then there are days by which it seems like the world is plotting against you.

  • Days by which you have a tiff with the wife.
  • Days by which all you get are outright rejections.

You will feel like nothing is working out. It is one of those days today for me.

But it always will, because you know why?

We, CEOs, shape our destiny.

Like what we say in the Naval Diving Unit:

The only easy day was yesterday.

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