The title is apt in these times.

I experienced a database corruption, and I can't seem to find the backup for it. I can fix it by starting anew again, but if that is so, I might as well rebuild it because the previous codebase was an entire piece of shit.

But that is not just it. I officiated a significant iteration to SharedHere today because the product that is live today is not up to snuff even for myself. If Twitter is a blog for "160 characters," Instagram is "filters for pictures," Tiktok is "filters for short videos." What is SharedHere? Where do we sit in this chasm of the media ecosystem? Exclusive content is not good enough. Come for the content, stay for the... Conversations? The new SharedHere iteration is topic-based for better discovery and interactivity.

But is it all too late? COVID19 looms in the air and city lockdowns is almost the norm. I have waited for the recession since I graduated, but do I invest my money in my company or in the depressed market?

This uncertainty is choking me up. So I came back to my blog to draft a piece; to talk to you. I have no intention of quitting, but a break from more shitsnacks will be helpful, please and thank you.

Or, show me a sign that SharedHere can be huge. That will work too.

I am an entrepreneur, and I am fueled by hope and naive optimism. The naivety is running a tad low, some hope, please.