We will wait till Monday when the engineers are in the office. That is what. If you have been in the game long enough like I have, you will learn that it is impossible to be "always-on". It helps that NuMoney Exchange has been deprecated.

Most things can wait.

If your business dies because your website is down for a day, then you do not have a real business. And I have had my sites down for many days, and the company has never died nor suffered any lasting damages. My point is that unless your business is sold on the perception of being always-available, then most things can wait.

Because if everything is urgent, then nothing is urgent

In the same vein that if everything is urgent, then nothing is urgent. This is what I have been telling the operational team.
The way out of this is to prioritize your tasks. Trello helps with this.

But the routine is an exception.

However, this is not an excuse for you not to work on a task because you are tired. Like I am now at 1.35am on a Saturday night. What I am trying to say is not to let everything send you into a frenzy, and stay focused like a monk and deliver on your routines predictably and on schedule. Discipline guides us to success; averting distractions will allow us to focus best in this grind called entrepreneurship.