We learned drown-proofing as a trainee in the Naval Diving Unit. Throughout the training, we were drilled to remember three words - Stop; think; breathe. Whether above the water surface or 20 meters under the water, should a mishap occur -- Stop; think; breathe.

To stop, think, and breathe is a great strategy not just for drown-proofing, but an equally wise strategy amidst the current pandemic times that we are in, or this journey to grow SharedHere into a large social media platform.

When there is a moment of distress..

  1. STOP. Do not give in to what my stupid reptilian brain wants to do -- to panic or to get angry.
  2. THINK. Apply rationality and logic to the situation. Touch base with myself,
  3. BREATHE. Calm the fuck down. Figure out what to do next so I can gain maximum benefit from it. Detach myself from the situation and execute the plan.

As much as I can, I will write down a Stop; Think; Breathe plan from here on everytime I feel distressed in life.