Premium content, previously guarded by paywalls, is now readily available on These include premium articles from Straits Times and TechInAsia. Any content that can be shared with a screenshot, will be shared on SharedHere because the future of the internet is not going to be an ecosystem of micro-paywalls on every site. The same way messaging has moved on from SMSes to Whatsapp.

Works spendidly even as a mobile site

No moderation

It is 2020, and board game reviewers are demanding diversity amongst in-game characters. I think that is absurd. But not everybody thinks that way -- and that is OK because we can disagree! The internet can be a home to both you and me.

On SharedHere, there will be no community moderation. You follow content that you like, and build communities with like-minded people.

Preserving content forever

Websites die due to neglect. But more often or not, content on website changes due to updates, moderation, and censorship. This is why we crawl, save, and serve static content from our service because it is the only way we can guarantee what you see is what we got.  So that no one can intervene with content once it is saved and published.

No discrimination

We will not intervene with what you are sharing. What you share with your community is your business, and we built this guarantee into our service. With Private Channels (coming soon), we will employ end-to-end encryption so that no one, not even us, knows what and you are sharing online.

Starting with Singapore -- A new world for online media

Moving onward, we will consolidate media distribution, discussion, and community-building onto a single platform. City by city, country by country.