1. Are you a licensed CCTV provider?

Ans: Yes. We are SSP (Security Service Provider) licensed by the Singapore Police Force.

2. What does your company specialize in?

Ans: We are a 5-year-old tech company specializing in info-systems tech.

3. Why is this so cheap?

Ans: This $50 deal is a special pre-launch promotion. Also, it’s in celebration of our 5th birthday!

4. Is there any warranty?

Ans: 1 year for cameras.

5. How many cameras do I need?

Ans: Our staff/ electrician will conduct a free site visit before advising you accordingly.

6. How soon can I have my cameras installed?

Ans: We can do it approximately one month after payment.

7. Do I have to self-install?

Ans: We will help you install the camera. Installation fee of $60 per camera applies for purchases of one or two units. If you purchase three or more units, you are entitled to free camera installation.  

8. What happens when the 50 units run out, and I still want to purchase?

Ans: You may arrange with us further! Special price is available for repeat customers.

9. How long will my footage be stored? Can I have access to them?

Ans: We have cloud storage that can hold the video for a lifetime. You may access them upon request.

10. Do you take bulk purchases?

Ans: Yes! Call or email us for a customized quote.

11. Is any demo available?

Ans: Yes. Contact us for the demo preview.

12. Are there any additional charges other than the ones mentioned above?

Ans: No.

13. Can I cancel my subscription?

Ans: There will be a penalty imposed, which covers 80% of your 24-month payment.

14. What payment modes are accepted?

Ans: Cash, Bank transfer, Paynow.

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If you have any questions about the product, do call 9655 9294 or email [email protected] for more information.

Nubela is a 5-year-old company founded by NUS Computer Science Alumni.