proxycurl beats coresignal prices
Tired of the quality of data Coresignal is providing along with the price tag? Proxycurl can fix that.

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Proxycurl's Guarantee to Beat Coresignal's Prices

Colton Randolph

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Coresignal advertises itself as a "daily stream of fresh data on companies and professionals."

However, many people switch over to Proxycurl due to stale data. It's one of the most common complaints we hear from customers moving from Coresignal to us.

(Note: If you're the type that values short and to the point, send us a quote from Coresignal to "[email protected]" and we'll price match it, plus, give you free API credits. But keep reading for a detailed explanation of our Coresignal price matching policy and comparison.)

Coresignal provides B2B data through its different API endpoints, as well as selling its entire dataset.

One of their existing customers asked:

We have been collaborating with CoreSignal for a couple of months, and now would like to chat with you whether you still provide datasets. Currently we want more fresh linkedin US profile dataset + linkedin all companies dataset.

Their advertised dataset is larger than ours, but based on our experience dealing with their previous customers converting to Proxycurl, we figured that there is quite a difference in profile quality between their dataset and our dataset that I think you'll come to appreciate.

Speaking of data quality differences, let me introduce you to a better alternative.

Proxycurl: your new B2B data provider

Proxycurl is an API that provides rich, accurate, and fresh data on people and companies. Like Coresignal, we also sell our dataset (LinkDB) that powers our API.

Along with our data quality being richer -- we also have fresher and even often live scraped data. Coresignal couldn't say the same. On data richness -- don't take my word on it. We have profile pictures and company logos, Coresignal doesn't.

Outside of data richness and freshness, we differ from Coresignal because Coresignal focuses hardcore on the Enterprise business model.

You know, the whole hiding their prices and focusing on a hardcore traditional sales approach.

While we definitely still service enterprise customers, we don't operate like Coresignal at all...

All of our pricing is transparent

That means you never have to jump through any hoops or get on any sales calls to use us.

Proxycurl vs Coresignal
Proxycurl vs. Coresignal – learn more here

All of that said, I also don't want to give you the impression that Proxycurl is cheap...

Because we aren't cheap.

We're fairly priced

There's a difference between cheap and fairly priced.

We know that we can provide better quality data than Coresignal at an extremely competitive rate.

We're confident enough in that fact to not only guarantee to match any of Coresignal's pricing (if they offer at or under our pricing), but we'll also throw in free API credits for causing you the pain of making you waste your valuable time on Coresignal before you discovered us!


Here's how our price match guarantee works:

To receive a Coresignal price match, email us at "[email protected]" with a cheaper quote you received from Coresignal compared to any of our equivalent services (must provide proof); after verifying, we'll price match the offer and issue you free API credits as a bonus on top.

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Colton Randolph

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