Proxycurl APIs updates: profile enrichment via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn URL.
Now you can lookup people via their Facebook, Twitter (X) and LinkedIn profiles!

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Profile Enrichment via Facebook & Twitter Comes to Proxycurl!

Steven Goh

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Hello and welcome to our end-of-August changelog! We've added a new feature to our Person Profile Endpoint - the ability to look anyone up by new methods. There are now THREE methods of input:

  • linkedin_profile_url
  • facebook_profile_url
  • twitter_profile_url

(And don't worry, url is still backwards-compatible and will serve as linkedin_profile_url.)

You can check it out in our documentation:
Screenshot of our documentation showcasing this feature

Other endpoints

This update also applies to these endpoints from the Contact API:


We thought you might have some questions since this is brand-new functionality on our part, so here's a mini FAQ also.

Q: Does this mean you're scraping Twitter/Facebook now? Can I get data points like # of Twitter followers?
A: No. Rather, what this means is that because we have so many Twitter & Facebook user account names associated to the corresponding LinkedIn profile, you can now enrich a LinkedIn profile by providing not a LinkedIn URL but rather a Twitter/Facebook URL!

Q: Ahh, so this is a bit like reverse email lookup, but directly within profile enrichment?
A: Yep, you got it!

Q: What is the expected accuracy of using Twitter/Facebook URL to enrich a profile?
A: Not as high as we'd like - as with our Search API, we wanted to get this product to you once we thought we had something useful. We do believe enough profiles will result in successes that this is a useful tool in some use cases, but it might not be for everyone at every stage.

Q: When will you be able to guarantee 100% match rate?
A: Well, 100%...never. Just as we don't scrape private LinkedIn profiles, we'll never have absolutely every single profile resolve here. However, we'll update you when we've achieved new milestones in match rate!

Q: What about scraping info from Facebook & Twitter profiles?
A: That's in our timeline too - but we don't like to tattle, so more details to come once we get to launching something 😉

P.S. Last week we published an article on Sapiengraph talking about how you can enrich your hiring process with LinkedIn data - all within Google Sheets. Check it out - you can apply the concepts via either Sapiengraph or the Proxycurl API!

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Steven Goh

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