I pride myself as a Product CEO because I build great software. And currently, I have two tiny project ideas written down in my todo list.

A Chrome Extension to click on a number and open the number in Whatsapp Web

I use Whatsapp Web almost exclusively because I do not enjoy typing on my phone. And sometimes because of work, I have to send someone a Whatsapp Message. The process goes like this:

  1. Pick up the phone and open Contacts app
  2. Read off my screen and manually input the number into my Contacts
  3. Open Whatsapp app, and click on the button to start a new chat
  4. Search for the new contact

But do you know you can send someone a message on Whatsapp web by merely opening the number up in this format: https://wa.me/<number>

Wouldn't it be amazing if all phone numbers are automatically connected into this link? It would be, for me.

A Chrome Extension to sort Amazon's algorithm by review count

I find items which have a ton of reviews and an excellent rating to be credible. Because it means that a lot of people have purchased it, and given it time to review it.

However, Amazon has hidden this option for you to sort your search results by review count. To fix this, all you have to do is to append &sort=review-count-rank to the end of the URL.

Wouldn't it be amazing if I can click a button in Chrome and the page reloads with the search results sorted by review count?

Side projects as objects of fun

I like programming a lot. It is lego for my adult mind. So I find these small tiny projects and set them aside to

  1. learn a new language (Typescript next?)
  2. learn new frameworks
  3. practice growth hacking

Also, the beauty of these side project ideas is that it always starts with the problem and the product. I never bother doing market research because I am building for an audience of one. Me. And usually, these projects take off, even if it is not the most profitable product.

Product as a business

In the earlier part of my life, I was lucky enough to bootstrap my early company with revenue from side project products. Since then, the only Venture products that I have built are Kloudsec and NuMoney. Kloudsec failed because I should have done better market research before building the product. NuMoney is a great hit, and it's potential in its current form is limitless.

In getting to Sapiengraph, our next product at Nubela. I am hardened to not to repeat my past mistakes, and yet inspired by the successes of some components that worked. I have been spending months talking to our customers. For each iteration, the focus gets tighter, and the unease of explaining the product reduces.

And there lies the significant difference between side projects and venture products. One starts with me, and the other begins with the market. If my 20s were a reflection of myself, I hope my 30s will be my take on the vast market out there.