Last week, we push out an update to the Company Profile API. In this update:

  • We updated the endpoint to return 404 status code when a request is made to scrape an invalid Linkedin company.
  • Added follower_count to the API endpoint
  • Revamped the parsing method to improve the speed of the endpoint

null doom

Before this update, the Company Profile Endpoint returns a HTTP status of 200 for every request, even if the company is invalid. Along with a 200 status code, every field was null if an invalid company ID was given.

With the new update, the null party has ended. Invalid companies will be return with a status code of 404.

Note: Credits are consumed as per normal when Requests return 404 . This is because the work of scraping is committed and completed.

Rewriting the parser for efficiency

A few weeks ago, we launched a new Linkedin Person Profile API Endpoint with a new parser that improved the time to complete a request from 15-25 seconds to 10 seconds.

Instead of patching fixes for many bugs on our Linkedin Company Profile Endpoint, we decided to learn from our experience with the Person Profile Endpoint. We rewrite the parser for the Company Profile endpoint. The beautiful side effect is that the endpoint now returns in around 10 seconds, and often, faster than that.


While rewriting the parser, we realized we could add a new follower_count field. And so we added that.

The `follower_count` field tells you how many followers this company has on Linkedin.

Talk to me

And that's it for the Company Profile API Endpoint update. If you experience any bugs, please feel free to shoot me an email at [email protected]. I will love to keep writing to you. If you like to stay connected, click here to subscribe!