(She didn't turn out to be the one, this girl in the picture did)

Back when I was 15, my delinquent friends and I would go to our favorite mall to "fish" for numbers from cute girls. It took guts and a thick skin. Usually, if the girl says no, I could turn away and dart off in embarrassment. But there was this cute girl on the bus, and she was too cute to resist. In the enclosed space of a bus, everyone can hear me asking the girl for her number. More importantly, the rejection will be loud and very public.

I went anyways, and she gave me her number.

The thick skin paid off.

You see, I enjoy privacy, and I avoid public speaking and events if I can. But as the CEO, my company is a  mirror image of who I am. If I choose to stay out of the limelight, so will my company. So I decided to grow a thick skin, so that I can get what I want -- a great business that stays in the limelight.

I am putting myself out there, and I am committed to writing a daily short story about my day building Nubela. I am building an audience. So listen in to my stories in building a great business - Subscribe to my Lazy CEO blog :)