Nubela (Corp) will be 5 years old this year. Half a decade in and we have built a repertoir of products that I am proud to say will strengthen in value in the next 10 years as the internet turns increasingly demarcated.

Our fundamental building blocks

  1. Gom to provide access to blocked websites
  1. Proxycurl to extract data out of restricted silos

Data - the common denominator

With Gom and Proxycurl, we make money by selling access to data. The common denominator here being data.

As the internet evolves further into a regulated demarcated siloes where data rots and disappears with corporations deciding what should or should not be in public view, providing access is no longer enough.

Businesses will sneakily delete data.

Sure. "Mistakenly".

Copyright owners will liberally send DMCA takedown to anything resembling their proprietary content.

Data will rot and disappear forever.

Nubela - Automating everything menial (about data)

We believe in an open and permanent internet. In the next 10 years, we will direct all efforts in building an internet scale data product that will uphold these beliefs.

Stay tuned.