We launched an update to Proxycurl today, and it includes two new endpoints for Linkedin Jobs.

The first endpoint is the Job Profile API endpoint. Like the existing People and Company Linkedin API endpoints, the Job Profile endpoint returns you structured data of a job given a Job Profile URL from Linkedin.

The second endpoint is the Job Listing API endpoint. It returns a list of jobs posted by a company on Linkedin.

With an endpoint to list jobs and another endpoint to get job details, you can supercharge your product with jobs jobs jobs.

Job Listing and Jobs Profile API endpoints are now live, and you can call them immediately. The documentation is available here: https://nubela.co/proxycurl/docs#linkedin-jobs-listing-api

How to get an exhaustive list of profiles?

In my outreach, I spoke to many businesses, and even though I believe that our cost is extremely fair at $0.01 per successful request, most businesses still find Proxycurl prohibitively expensive. This is usually because their business needs require a slice of data from a complete dataset.

For example, the search for all Software Engineers in San Francisco requires us to have an entire American People dataset to filter

Crawling a dataset of 100M is cost-prohibitive for you. I want to make it affordable for you. So Proxycurl will crawl Linkedin profiles for both people and companies, and lease access to the entire database to you, for $200 / month paid annually. Of course, limits apply. Also, we are alpha-testing this feature, and I have five slots available for reservation.

If you like to know more, send an email to [email protected] with your question!