It was a > 10x returns in a few months. But I did not sell it, and I still hold my coins to this day.

There lies the problem with me; I do not have an exit plan until it is too late like how I started a commitment to write daily, but without an end point of the plan.

It is not just cryptocurrency.

After Javelin Browser hit 1M users, I should have sold it even for a small four-figure sum. Instead, I moved right onto the next project, and I got nothing for it.

An exit plan for every investment for now

Be it my career, my businesses, or my investments, I will implement an exit plan.

An exit plan for the daily lazy CEO

I am revising the plan for the Lazy CEO with an exit plan. I will cease writing daily. Instead, I will continue writing on weekdays and skip the weekends. The Lazy CEO blog will continue for one year until 5th June 2020.