A few weeks ago, I spent $150 on 50 Pure Red Line (PRL) shrimps. These are the purest breed of what is a high-end shrimp for my aquarium hobby. They all died except one. Today I bought more. Two more high-end ones known as Wine Red Shrimps. I spend every weekend getting wet changing water, and I still suck at shrimp keeping. But at least one is surviving.

Yesterday, I briefly introduced SharedHere, my next project. I wrote close to 200 words describing the product. But today, my friend texted me and asked me: "What is SharedHere?". Many late nights of writing, and I still suck at writing. But at least one person is still reading it.

Let's try again: What is SharedHere?

To me, the creator, SharedHere is my attempt to build a private space on the internet by which people can share and discuss content safe from authorities and moderation with cryptographic guarantees.

But more importantly, to you (the user), SharedHere is a website by which you can view deleted threads from Hardwarezone forums.It is a website by which you can find Straits Times, TechInAsia, and DealStreetAsia reshared without their premium paywall. SharedHere is Whatsapp sharing on steroids.