Now that web crawling can retrieve information from previously inaccessible sources, what’s next for data?

Access to social media posts is known to provide a significant advantage to companies. Social media, raw or processed, can provide mainly two classes of data which are useful for different industries:

Sentiment data: A sentiment analyzer can examine social media posts, which can offer sentiment data about consumer preferences, consumer behavior, and attitudes. This information would greatly help the consulting and marketing industries, who need to gauge customer reactions and come up with marketing strategies. Such sentiment data would also be necessary for price predictions in the stock market so that investors can prepare for price predictions.

Photos and videos: These photos and videos provide more information to surveillance companies, who track events and activities, and AI companies who require such data for training their AI.

But how does one get access to all this glorious social media information?

This is where Proxycurl comes in.

Proxycurl is a web crawling tool that can help you obtain large amounts of social media data.

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