Clearbit Connect

I was so amazed when Clearbit Connect launched. It was a game-changing product. No other products existed then that made it so easy to find emails of decision-makers. On top of that, the emails were accurate for the most part.

I was curious how did they do it, and the discovery was not very nice to stomach. Clearbit reads your email and Google contacts and dumps them all into their database. To be honest, they probably take a lot more than you receive.

That said, the quality of data was great and as a (lazy) software engineer that leads sales at Nubela, I want those sweet email addresses for my outbound sales campaign. To automate the process of fetching email addresses for 1000 profiles, I reverse engineered the API from their chrome extension. I also gathered a bunch of API keys by getting friends and colleagues to sign into Clearbit Connect and retrieve their API keys for my use. It worked, and I was able to get 190 email addresses from 1406 Linkedin profiles.

Scaling Clearbit

Email discovery is a core requirement in my sales outreach. When it was time to scale. I reached out to Clearbit's sales team and lo and behold. I was quoted with a five-digit monthly recurring sum for their Enterprise plan to gain access to Clearbit's prospector API. (Clearbit's prospector API can be used to programmatically enrich my list of Linkedin profiles with email addresses).

The lack of progressive pricing is a problem for a small fledgling business like mine.

Is Clearbit the gold standard for enriching contact information?

Clearbit Connect was the gold standard for me on launch. There was nothing better than Clearbit Connect for email accuracy and match rate. Let's get into the specifics.

With 1406 Linkedin profiles, I was able to extract 190 email addresses.

I did not trust that these emails would be deliverable, so I made sure to validate these emails, and the final count of deliverable emails is 186 valid email addresses.

Clearbit delivers a match rate of 13.2% for real and deliverable email addresses.

Proxycurl's (Linkedin Profile) Email Extraction API Endpoint delivers a match rate of 40.18% for real and deliverable email addresses.

What I want in an email extraction service

  1. Progressive and predictable pricing
  2. Emails that are extracted come with a guarantee of deliverability
  3. Works consistently well for any employee, not just decision-makers

Proxycurl (Linkedin Profile) Email Extraction API Endpoint

We have been working on this for months and I am excited to share that we will be making a new Email Extraction API endpoint available soon.

Proxycurl's (Linkedin Profile) email extraction API endpoint will take a Linkedin Profile URL, and return you the profile's work email address.

To be specific, this is what you can expect with Proxycurl's (Linkedin Profile) email extraction API endpoint:

  1. Extracts work email
  2. A match rate of around 45%
  3. 95+% deliverability guarantee or money back
  4. 10 credits per API request

Proxycurl VS Clearbit

Using our email extraction API endpoint, I repeated the extraction on the (randomly generated) list of 1406 Linkedin Profiles and this is the result:

Proxycurl Email Extraction API Clearbit Connect/Prospector
Match rate 40.18% (Matched 565real email addresses) 13.2% (Matched 190 real email addresses)
Cost for 1000 matching email addresses $100 Starts from $10,000
Deliverability 95+% 95+%

Coming soon

Proxycurl (Linkedin Profile) Email Extraction API Endpoint is coming soon. Early access will be limited due to capacity limitations. This endpoint will be exposed to users who have reserved capacity. Interested? Let's connect!

  • Fill up this Google Form to indicate interest in reserving capacity. (We will prioritize existing paying customers).
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