Porsche made it so easy. Just watch their launch video. They told me what they were selling -- An insanely super-fast electric sports car. It also sold on me that it differs from Tesla's offering, because with Taycan, you can launch it again and again at breakneck speeds.

When you offer to solve everything, you are selling nothing

The first meeting I had today was with a significant client. They are one of the giant behemoths in Singapore with a spanking office in town. And I sat down with the customer, and I asked, what are your problems?

I listened to his problems, and then I stayed quiet. Because there were a lot of problems, and I did not know where to start. So he asked, what do you guys offer?

Instead of zooming into our product, I said something about Sapiengraph being a data provisioning platform, and that was that.

It seems correct, right? To not talk about ourselves and offer benefits that the customer can garner from our product?

What is the product?

In my second meeting with an angel investor, he told me straight up that he is not sure what exactly we are selling. He knows we are capable of building cool tech, but what exactly is the sales team going to sell? Because not the sales team is not going to be like me, they will never know the product as I do. So I need to make it simple for them.

I need to define clearly

  • what we are selling
  • who will buy it
  • what the pricing points will be

"Just a web crawler."

And if I end up with a model mixing and matching the denominator tech components as a unique offering, people will end up classifying our business as a "web crawler" provider.

So my next step is to refine the product offering for the benefit of my sales team.