I was in the worst (performing) class in secondary school. I am not sure how well it does now, but Anglican High was a good school that ranks in the top ten. I was in the "Special" stream, as were most of my peers. Academically, our cohort sits comfortably within the crowd in the top 5% nationally. We were in the "worst" class because we were weirdos.

Sixteen years after I graduated, I will wager a bet to say that the proportion of high flyers in my class surpass that of the other classes in my batch. It seems so. One of my classmates ended up being the president of the NUS Student Union. At least 5 (out of 40) of us are (successful) business owners. One of the quietest people in the class is an electrical engineer at Skydio, an AI drone company. Another is a partner at GIC, Singapore's sovereign wealth fund.

Being weird is a superpower

I think I am fucking funny and socially retarded. I question "authority" all the time. I challenge social norms daily. And because I do, I have the weirdest ideas and a ridiculous bravado. Being weird means, I do not care about what other people say.

I do not let people tell me what I can or cannot do.

Never dissuaded

People tell me that I will fail all the time. People such as my mom, my CTO, my team (my wife is a kind exception). And many times, I disagree. People hate on things they do not understand. Just because the idea does not fit into a regular's person perception of normality does not mean it will not work.

An idea does not work only when it fails to solve a problem adequately.

So take heed. Be weird, believe in yourself, and do it anyways when people tell you it will not work. Finally, allow facts to persuade you.