But the only thing I automated was insincerity with automated emails. Now that I am back focusing on sales for Nubela, why is is the sales process so menial?

Silver Bullet

Storytime. Before NuMoney and right after the fateful death of Kloudsec, the company downsized to just Bach and me; and it was a peaceful period. I figured that Kloudsec died because I did not know anything about sales. So being the lazy CEO, I did what an engineer will do. I automated cold sales approach via cold emails. Bach and I worked at it for a year scraping local businesses from the internet and getting email addresses of every employee that worked for a local company. It was known as SilvrBullet.

I like the logo. But I ripped it off some site (sorry).

SilvrBullet let you select the industry that you wanted to target, enter an email template, and it will automatically send the emails out with automated follow-ups. I used SilvrBullet to sell SilvrBullet. And still! I could not sell it to more than three customers. SilvrBullet was competing against email lists which you could buy for $300.

Lessons learned

There are a few lessons I learned from SilvrBullet

  1. Product Market Fit matters. Do not spend one year building a product before attempting to sell it! (I got so lost in SilvrBullet because the tech and the process of building it was really fun)
  2. CRMs are a piece of shit and there is nothing good out there.

Let's talk about CRMs in the next post?