In the last month, I lost :

  • My car keys. It cost me $900 to replace it, thank you BMW.
  • Not one, but two Stojo cups. One of it got caught in my car's convertible top because I drove off while opening the soft top.
  • My Mi Band 4. $50, was not used more than a month

There is a serious issue with my short-term memory. Historically, the family on my mother's side have a history of Alzheimer's. So after a serious case of hypochondria and significant Googling, I figured that I might be suffering from an early onset of Alzheimer's.

Also, I was always nursing an array of work issues at the back of my head. So I decided that maybe all I need is a break.

So I took a break. I left for Taiwan over the National Day holidays, and that is the reason why I have not been making my daily posts.

Focus on the gravest problem of them all

Just before I left for Taiwan, I was committed to the following tasks:

  1. Playing the sales role so I could lead the sales team by example
  2. Playing the CEO role by fund-raising
  3. Playing the money-grubbing role by selling the technology behind NuMoney (cryptocurrency) Exchange

I figured that hey, they are all sales-related. Why not do them all together.

I was doing too much. Because I should be, right? If the CEO does not lead by example, who will?

A lesson from my last project

When NuMoney was the primary project at hand, I raised a bunch of money and put my head down and ignored everything else so I could launch a cryptocurrency exchange in the fastest possible time. But we still met with the inevitable bear (market), and that shook out the weak hands and investor interests.

So with that came a bias that maybe, I should try not to lead a company into a blind campaign for months (?).

What if I did everything correctly at NuMoney? And the company failed because of extrinsic reasons because let's face it; there was honestly a myriad of them -- banks, bear market, and regulations.

Back to focusing on that one singular problem

My memory lapses are a serious concern, and I am heeding the early warnings. It is not possible for me to do so many things at once, let alone to do them well. Instead, I will delegate and focus on the matter of the highest priority. That will be fund-raising.