I cannot remember how many times I have told myself that I will find myself a comfortable job after X stint. I do not quit. The more rejections I suffer, the more fired up I become.

When I had my first profitable company stolen from me by a conniving couple, I honed my skills and built Javelin Browser on Android that went on to get a million users.

When Javelin Browser couldn't get profitable beyond $2000 / month, I built Kloudsec.

When Kloudsec died under its weight, I built SilvrBullet because I figured I have to get good at sales -- by automating it.

While SilvrBullet was struggling to do what it was set out to do (automate sales), we accidentally found an opportunity in arbitraging consumer interests in cryptocurrency. So we shut down SilvrBullet and focused on building NuMoney.

When banks unanimously shut down NuMoney's bank accounts, I pivoted the cryptocurrency exchange business in Singapore into a property exchange in Indonesia. The property exchange is known as LandX, and the helm is passed on to Andika Suturo Putra. As a Singaporean, there is no way I can run a regulated and licensed company as a foreigner.

With LandX in good hands. I have now moved onto what I am good at -- Building software in the grey area.