Most days at work is straightforward. An email arrives, and it will take me a few minutes to respond. Another minute and a colleague will have a question that involves a spot decision with guidance.

Then there are days like today where there isn't an obvious answer to the problem that is on top of my head. And these problems are usually creative.

For example, coming up with a cold email template takes a long time for me because I have to get behind the recipient's head, and figure out if the copy is tantalizing enough for him to respond. An email template of 200 words will require at least half a day's worth of brainstorming.

Then there are bigger problems like what I had in my head today - figuring out the product.

  • Who is it for?
  • How should it look like?
  • How will I launch it?
  • What will be its distribution channel?

A decision like this will cement the roadmap for the entire dev team for at least two months. So I am taking my time with it. My afternoon after lunch involved 2 cups of decaf espresso and plenty of pen twiddling.

Work didn't stop when I left the office. When I got home today, my son came crawling over in excitement for a hug. And yet all I had was that problem hanging in my head, and I didn't want that anymore. So I had a beer, downed it so my brain would turn off. Then I took my family out for a nice sashimi dinner.

I was not productive today, and it sucked. There is this guilt of not getting shit done. But I have to convince myself that some things take time. It is probably ok.