It is time for the next experiment after Sapiengraph. I have a few ideas, but there are two that I am studying.

The first idea is to productize TMP, a task management platform that we built internally that has turned on the capability for us to operate with a remote team. A part of the team is looking into the distribution

The second idea is in content resilience on the internet. It makes no sense that any content on the internet should disappear over time. Be it due to bit rot, data corruption, or censorship. What if you can freeze content in time, and curate them? I am working on the second idea myself.

Getting my hands dirty

If you want to go far, you do it with your team. But if you want to do it fast, you do it yourself. I want to test this idea quickly, so I am prototyping the product myself.

I spent the weekend consolidating the product in my head, a process that used to require a bout of depression. No depression needed this round because I am getting pretty seasoned to productizing.

I started by sketching the product on my tablet. Usually, the next step will involve three to four days in Photoshop, converting ideas into a full-fledged user interface. However, I opened photoshop today, and I was stuck. I did not know where to go next. Yeah, my design skills have regressed.

The bias of success

With NuMoney, I was amazed at how much further I can go with venture capital. If you are an avid reader, you would be able to tell that I was/am determined to fund-raise for Sapiengraph. What I have clean forgotten was how hard it was for a nobody like me to raise funds. NuMoney skewed my belief on how I should start a company.

The local "angel investors" and VCs have done a great job in attempting to convince me that I am a nobody. It is no wonder I was on the bootstrap-train for a long time because I refuse to believe that it is only one way to skin a cat.

The other way is to build a great product with a lot of users and hopefully making some money. I miss the thrill of success again. I want to be infected with the success bias again so I can say things like "how money is easily made".

To do that, I have to get back to my roots and get my hands dirty, just for a week.