Proxycurl API is a developer's tool. And the chances are that if you can code, you will have no problem scraping a website. If your goal is to crawl Linkedin in scale, it is a full-time job dealing with Linkedin's bot detection. And the cat and mouse game keeping your code up to date as Linkedin updates their layout will make you tear your hair out.

Proxycurl has just gone live with an update that introduces a new feature -- the ability to crawl Linkedin companies with Proxycurl API. In this article, I will share how you can crawl a million companies from Linkedin with nothing more than a long single-liner of code.

The beauty of Proxycurl's Linkedin API is that you do not have to concern yourself with the issues above. Be it one profile or a million profile, today or three months from now, your code to get structured data of Linkedin Companies will remain the same one-liner python code.

What kind of data can you get crawling Linkedin companies?

With Proxycurl's Linkedin Company API, you can get everything in the "About" page of a Linkedin Company profile. These include phone numbers, funding data, and office locations.

The following table will specify everything that the Proxycurl's Linkedin Company API will return:

Key Description
description The overview section in the About page
website The listed website on the profile
industry Industry of the company
company_size Listed range of company headcount
company_size_on_linkedin Total employees on Linkedin that declared themselves to be staff of said company
hq Address of company's headquarters
company_type Enumerator of company type. Could be PUBLICLY_HELD or PRIVATELY_HELD
founded_year The year that this company is founded in
specialities List of specialities
locations List of locations
name Name of the company
tagline Tagline of the company
universal_name_id Month and year of the user's birthday (Dependent on profile's privacy settings)
profile_pic_url Profile picture of the
background_cover_image_url Wechat contact information (Dependent on profile's privacy settings)
funding_data Crunchbase data of said company's funding data
phone Phone number
html_src (Optional) HTML source of this Linkedin Profile. To have this value shown, please include src=include in the Proxycurl request.

Example with code

Proxycurl Linkedin Company API is like any other ReST API. Make a request, and get something back.

Here, I will make a request in Python with the requests library.

from pprint import pprint
import requests

api_endpoint = ''

linkedin_profile_url = ''

api_key = 'YOUR_API_KEY'

header_dic = {'Authorization': 'Bearer ' + api_key}

response = requests.get(api_endpoint,

                        *params*={'url': linkedin_profile_url},



In about 20 seconds, I will get back this result back in JSON format:

{'background_cover_image_url': '',
 'company_size': [201, 500],
 'company_size_on_linkedin': 569,
 'company_type': 'PRIVATELY_HELD',
 'description': 'Gojek is a Super App. It’s one app for ordering food, '
                'commuting, digital payments, shopping, hyper-local delivery, '
                'and two dozen services. It is Indonesia’s first and '
                'fastest-growing decacorn building an on-demand empire.\n'
                'In the last 36 months, the startup’s total order volumes have '
                'grown to 1100x and diversified into 20+ verticals. The '
                'company runs the equivalent of three Indian unicorns rolled '
                'into one.\n'
                'A total of 2,000,000 drivers collectively cover an average '
                'distance of 16.5 million kilometers each day, making Gojek '
                'Indonesia’s de facto transportation partner. Gojek is a verb. '
                'Gojek is a way of life. It is quite simply the operating '
                'system of Indonesia. 400+ engineers spread across Jakarta, '
                'Singapore and India make software decisions that impact '
                'entire Southeast Asia.\n'
                'Gojek Tech is the product development and training center of '
                'Gojek. The tech team comprises of developers, data '
                'scientists, designers, and product managers who work on '
                'product innovation, mining data, and crafting consumer '
                'experiences. The average age of the team is 29 and it runs '
                'one of the largest JRuby, Java and Clojure & Go clusters in '
 'founded_year': 2015,
 'funding_data': {'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.organization.FundingData',
                  'companyCrunchbaseUrl': '',
                  'fundingRoundListCrunchbaseUrl': '',
                  'lastFundingRound': {'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.organization.FundingRound',
                                       'announcedOn': {'$type': 'com.linkedin.common.Date',
                                                       'day': 3,
                                                       'month': 6,
                                                       'year': 2020},
                                       'fundingRoundCrunchbaseUrl': '',
                                       'fundingType': 'SERIES_F',
                                       'investorsCrunchbaseUrl': '',
                                       'leadInvestors': [{'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.organization.Investor',
                                                          'image': {'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.common.ImageViewModel',
                                                                    'attributes': [{'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.common.ImageAttribute',
                                                                                    'imageUrl': '',
                                                                                    'sourceType': 'URL'}]},
                                                          'investorCrunchbaseUrl': '',
                                                          'name': {'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.common.TextViewModel',
                                                                   'text': 'PayPal'}},
                                                         {'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.organization.Investor',
                                                          'image': {'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.common.ImageViewModel',
                                                                    'attributes': [{'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.common.ImageAttribute',
                                                                                    'imageUrl': '',
                                                                                    'sourceType': 'URL'}]},
                                                          'investorCrunchbaseUrl': '',
                                                          'name': {'$type': 'com.linkedin.voyager.common.TextViewModel',
                                                                   'text': 'Facebook'}}],
                                       'moneyRaised': {'$type': 'com.linkedin.common.MoneyAmount',
                                                       'amount': '375000000',
                                                       'currencyCode': 'USD'},
                                       'numOtherInvestors': 0},
                  'numFundingRounds': 10,
                  'updatedAt': 1592331991},
 'hq': {'city': 'Bengaluru',
        'country': 'IN',
        'geographic_area': 'Karnataka',
        'is_hq': True,
        'line_1': 'Diamond District, Tower-B, 4th Floor',
        'postal_code': '560008'},
 'industry': 'Internet',
 'locations': [{'city': 'Bengaluru',
                'country': 'IN',
                'geographic_area': 'Karnataka',
                'is_hq': True,
                'line_1': 'Diamond District, Tower-B, 4th Floor',
                'postal_code': '560008'},
               {'city': 'Jakarta Selatan',
                'country': 'ID',
                'geographic_area': 'Jakarta',
                'is_hq': False,
                'line_1': 'Pasaraya Blok M, Jalan Sultan Iskandarsyah II No.1, '
                          'RT.3/RW.1, ',
                'postal_code': '12160'},
               {'city': 'Sinagpore',
                'country': 'SG',
                'geographic_area': 'Singapore',
                'is_hq': False,
                'line_1': '8 Shenton Way, AXA Tower',
                'postal_code': '068811'},
               {'city': 'Gurgaon',
                'country': 'IN',
                'geographic_area': 'Gurgaon',
                'is_hq': False,
                'line_1': '1st Floor, Tower A, Building 8A, DLF Cyber Hub',
                'postal_code': '122002'}],
 'name': 'Gojek Tech',
 'phone': None,
 'profile_pic_url': '',
 'specialities': [],
 'tagline': '',
 'universal_name_id': 'gojektech',
 'website': ''}

Managed Linkedin Crawling API

I wish there is more, but this is it. Proxycurl manages the changes in Linkedin layout and bot detection, so all you have to do is make the above requests a million times with different companies and concern yourself with product design.

Leave the hard stuff to us.

API documentation can be found at and you can try Proxycurl out immediately with 100 credits by entering your email at